Early Learning | Early Learning Childcare
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Early Learning

early learning

The Early Years Foundation Stage

From 0-5 years we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Revised Edition 2014. There are 7 areas of learning.

3 Prime areas – Personal Social and Emotional, Physical and Communication and Language.

Also 4 Specific Areas – Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Knowledge of the World, which we concentrate our work and play on.
Our governing body, OFSTED, make regular checks on our progress through Inspections.

The frequency of these inspections is subject to previous inspection outcomes.

Our Working Day

Our full working day begins at 7.30am.  Breakfast will be available until 9am to those children who may require it. From then our day will include a mixture of:

  • Child initiated activities – this means that a selection of fun and interesting activities will be available for the children to access and explore at will, based on their individual needs and interests.

  • Adult initiated activities – the children will be focused on a prepared activity and are encouraged to participate with the staff member and other children. This enables the children to access a broader experience to cover all their developmental needs.
  • Visits and outings – this could be a walk into Manchester, a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry, or a trip further away to places of interest.

  • Outdoor play in our garden – children can plant, hunt for mini beasts and other activities in rain or shine.
  • Story and singing time – these are frequent, to encourage communication, imaginative, co-operation, rhythm and expressive skills.
  • Self-help – regular visits to the bathroom throughout the day will aid those acquiring toileting skills and promote independence in those who have already mastered them. Children are encouraged to wash their hands before and after meals, after using the toilet and after nappy changes.
  • Tidy up – all capable children will be encouraged to tidy up after themselves. This not only helps to keep the nursery tidy, it also promotes a sense of pride in taking care of resources.
  • Lunch and snack time do not only fuel your child’s day but also provide a wonderful opportunity to socialise.

Your child/children will experience all of the above as daily and/or weekly events.  We understand the importance of building up a routine your child can understand and follow.  In order to establish a routine, a flexible approach will be introduced to accommodate your child’s own individual needs.  Children will be encouraged to perform at their own rate, while still following our routines and timetable (e.g. play, tidy up, toileting and lunchtime).