ELC team have a wealth of experience in a variety of age groups and settings.

ELC consists of:

Management Team

> Lara Briggs, Director

> Gemma Cooke, Nursery Manager

The day to day Management of ELC is led by Gemma Cooke. Gemma brings a wealth of experience gathered over almost 10 years  and this is evident in her work.  She is very passionate and runs the nursery with enthusiasm. She is a First Class graduate of Early Years childhood Studies. She brings a lot of charisma to the nursery and enjoys seeing the children in her care reach their full potential. She manages the nursery with her dedicated senior staff

The Management team delegate responsibilities and provide continuous oversight to the activities of the senior staff who have been assigned as room leaders, or staff who have specific activities to carry out within the nursery setting. Overall, the Management team ensure a high level of care and safeguarding is embedded at all levels of the nursery.

Below are the rooms in the settings:
Caterpillars also known as the Babyroom (0-18 months)
Butterflies the toddlers room (18-36 months)
Preschool known as Wise Owls, (3-5's)

We have highly qualified staff, with over 70% holding a Level 4 and above accredited qualifications in Childcare. We have also been supportive of enabling younger generation by partnering with accredited institutions provide training and job opportunities through the sponsored apprenticeship schemes.

The wealth of skills and experience presents a strong base for the delivery of quality service.

We also have a cook, who prepares fresh nutritional meals for all the children and have the relevant qualifications and training. They also keep abreast of any updates or recommendations from the Food Standards Agency.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or call in and speak to us in person.

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